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Lights 1 ƒ/5.6, 1 s, 100 ISO

I took this in May 2004 from inside my car on a rainy night in Saint Peter, MN. I was actually planning to capture a cool shot of the lightning that night, and I got this instead. I’m not complaining, I love this shot.

This is basically what my camera captured, very little was done in Photoshop. Just noise ninja, a minor curves adjustment layer, and a little sharpening at the end after resizing. It’s totally abstract and the first in a series. I have a few of these from this shoot, so you’ll be seeing this stuff for a while here. This is also my Photo Friday entry for this week’s challenge, “Complexity.” And speaking of Photo Friday, you can vote for last week’s Photo Friday challenge, “Somber.” If you liked my submission, look for “shifting pixel” in the frame on the left… It’s number 572.

Also, I just ordered a modified Holga camera from holgamods and I am totally juiced to get it in the mail. I’ll definitely be trying it out immediately and posting any decent results here. If you’re not sure quite what a Holga camera is, you should read some wikipedia. Basically though, it is a poorly manufactured toy camera that takes really bad photos.



  2. Knew staight away it was a car – excellent shot imho.

  3. Thanks guys. I appreciate the praise.

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