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Basement 1 ƒ/19.0, 10 s, 100 ISO

My good friend, Rob, has been house sitting for a guy who lives in Saint Peter for the past couple of months. He and his family came back on Monday, so Sunday night I helped Rob move out and into my house. Well, I was in the basement and I decided that I had to snap a few photos while I had the chance.

This photo was converted from RAW in photoshop and cleaned up with Noise Ninja. I then did a small contrast boost with a Curves adjustment layer, re-sized it, and sharpened. This series is a lot like my post from last week. I hope it doesn’t seem stale or repetitive. I think I just really like to take pictures of walls for some reason. Especially in dark basements…

There is a rumor that surfaced yesterday about a new DSLR from Canon called the 5D that’s supposed to be totally sweet. The verdict is still out on whether or not it is for real, but I sure hope it is. 13 megapixel and full-frame sensor are probably the two big features that I’m drooling over.

I also noticed that the shutter speed isn’t showing up correctly in my EXIF data for some reason. It should be 10 seconds instead of 1/0 which is sorta impossible. Also, this is my Photo Friday submission for this week’s challenge: “Violet.” Voting for last week’s challenge, “Complexity,” has started.


  1. Nice lighting and texture. The color really sets it apart.

  2. Great image. I love the texture/contrast on the wall and the light on the steps. Where is the purple color coming from? It adds a dreamy feel to this photo which I find quite alluring. Also for some reason Im drawn to the lightplug – perhaps because the sockets are ivory colored?

    I’ve added you to my blog roll!

  3. Thanks for the compliments. Ariela – I’m not sure where the purple comes in from… I think it might be a combination of the low light situation in the basement and the color temp I used when converting from RAW. Also, I’m honored that you’d add me to your blog roll. Thanks!

  5. John [shots] said

    Lovely stuff this I need to go through your archives.

    Re the new Canon _ If you read DP Review they are mainly saying it is all a hoax but then again I just can’t figure out some of the people who post stuff on there.

    Anyway – lovely photo

  6. It is just a wall, but what a wall!! The colour and texture captured here is incredible

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