Teavana Tins ƒ/2.8, 8 s, 100 ISO

Because you are supposed to store tea in a recepticle that is both air- and light-tight, I have a bunch of these tea tins that I got at Teavana. That way, my tea will stay fresh for longer. I guess you could say that this photo is anoter string in my apparent tea fetish.

I quite like to drink tea and a lot of people I know who thought they didn’t like tea changed their minds after having a cup that was properly prepared. You see, tea is an easy thing to mess up if you don’t know the ground rules: don’t make the water too hot and don’t steep the tea too long. The rest, in my mind, is just fine-tuning.

New Light Meter

I’m really excited about this. I just got a new Sekonic L-358 light meter off of eBay. I have never used a light meter before, so I’m hoping that it will be awesome. In fact, I used it to take today’s photo. I’m really excited for the next time I go out with my Holga–no more guessing for me!

Greased Lightbox

My user script, Greased Lightbox, is officialy up to version 0.08 as of yesterday evening. If you don’t have it, you should really take a look at it… If you do have it, make sure you keep it updated–in the last few versions I added features like localization for languages such as Spanish, French, and German, cycling through images using arrow keys, and pre-fetching to make images load more quickly. If you do happen to be using it, I’d love to hear what you think or anything that you’d like to see added.

Also, it was a really cool thing that the script officially got dug. Thanks to everybody who decided to stop by. All I want to know is what does it take for a guy to get slashdotted around here? Maybe when I release 1.0? We’ll see…. Besides, maybe I’m just asking for trouble.


  1. totally cool pic!!!^_^

  2. Great photographer. A++++++++. Would look at photoblog again.

  3. Nice shot

  5. Very cool pictures, but still can’t understand your links inside text.

  6. That’s an excellent photo :)

  7. looks awesome..
    you shot at a perfect exposure btw..

  8. Nice shot : color and blur.

  9. Eileen Feldman said

    very nice shot. Do some shots of your tea making apparati or some spent tea leaves or the color in the cup.

  10. @Eileen, thanks for the suggestions. I’ve actually already done so, if you care to check them out: