Holga of record player

Just another photograph of my record player. That’s quite a few photos of a record player… I should find some other record players to shoot so I can add to the collection.

This one is cool though because it is shot on film instead of digital, which is more like a record player. I kinda like that thought.

Next to the record player are a stack of records that Sam’s grandparents gave to me. I think it’s their whole collection that they had sitting in their basement for ages until they cleaned it out a couple of weeks ago. There were some really good ones in the bunch too. I think in this shot I have some Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles on.

Good Music

Speaking of music, my good friend, Anthony Bayerl, was selected as a top 10 finalist in a contest with KDWB (a radio station here in Minnesota) and could really use your help to get to the next level. He’s got a myspace account so if you like good music, check it out and then vote for Anthony by sending a text message of the word
BAND5 to KDWB1 (53921) right now (before Friday, May 5th at 5pm).

The winner gets 50 hours of studio time and a sweet gig or two and Anthony could really use some studio time and exposure–he has been recording himself for way too long. Even if you don’t vote, give his music a listen.

Greased Lightbox

I released v0.11 of Greased Lightbox tonight. If you like, you could upgrade. It’s not a very substantial upgrade for most users, but if you speak Italian or Traditional Chinese, I have good news for you–those are the two new translations added to version 0.11. Enjoy!

Photo of the day

Mystery Me – Let there be light


  1. i want to use this as my background on friendster… its so unique and so exquisite that i just got to have it.. is it okay? i hope so… im a fan for u. do keep me updated..

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad that you like my photo. And, of course you can use it as your background on friendster as long as you give me credit and link back to my site.

    And, if you want to stay updated on my site, be sure to subscribe.

  3. A little flashback for me…:) I like the “warm” character of your pictures…:)

  5. amber joelle said

    Over Xmas break I bought this little fisheye camera from an art supply store which included a little book about lomography so I went to the website.. Have you heard of it?…. They mention alot of stuff about Holgas too. They also have a bunch of other toy-looking cameras like the frogeye and this colorsplash flash thing that looks pretty interesting…. Anyways If you haven’t heard of it yet, the site is http://www.lomography.com ! I’m just now getting my film processed from the fisheye camera, so hopefully something turns out!

  6. Amber, thanks for the link. I just ordered a cable release adapter, cable release, and 35mm film adapter for my Holga. While the prices were a little higher than I had expected, I am totally stoked.

    You should scan some of the photos from your fisheye and send them my way.

  7. This image looks too “nice” to have been taken by a Holga!