leonids ƒ/4.5, 353 s, 400 ISO

Back in November, I went out with some friends to try and photograph the annual Leonids meteor shower. Unfortunately, this year we didn’t end up seeing much activity in the skies, so I ended up taking long exposures right around the new moon, so it was extra darkā€”that’s why the star trails are so long and the red lights from town are so bright in the sky.

Photo of the day

Flickr – Saturn


  1. Very cool. Speaking of cool, my toes are still numb from standing out there.

  2. Yeah, it was definitely cold out there… Especially for you without a decent coat on. I still don’t know how you pulled that one off.

  3. Beautiful.

  5. At first when I saw the title was “Lenoids,” I thought it was a nickname for yourself.

    It’s crazy how red the sky is. Any of that from processing? Did it look faintly red when you were there?

    I assume it’s in the Kasota Prairie? Probably a good place for star gazing.

  6. Robbie – Yeah, this was taken at the Kasota Prairie. I guess that I brought out the red a little in the post-processing. For the most part, it was very very dark when we were out there because there was no moon and the sky was completely clear.

    But, as we were walking back to the car from our site there was a faint red glow just above the horizon. Any amount of light gets multiplied the longer the shutter is open, and this shot was probably somewhere around 5 minutes long.

  7. Awesome. I think my favorite part is the lower right corner. I like the little tree and the gradient up the side from light pink to dark red. Nice work Joe Lenoids.