Best Chocolate Cake Ever ƒ/1.4, 1/350 s, 100 ISO

This is a momentous occasion. With Sam’s help last night, I made my first cake. And it was from scratch. We haven’t tasted it yet because we finished frosting it at about 1 a.m., but to me it looks absolutely divine. Update: We tried the cake and it is awesome. Although, next time I think I would add some salt to the ganache and maybe use a higher quality chocolate that isn’t quite as sweet… We used Baker’s semi-sweet which is good, but it comes across in the ganache as maybe a little too sugary.

We made the Double Chocolate Layer Cake off of Epicurious because it had so many positive reviews. We figured that we couldn’t really go wrong.

Brewing Another Batch

Today, I’m going up to the cities visit my friend, Anthony Bayerl, and help him brew his first batch of beer. So, in a way this will be a weekend of firsts. He got his brewing kit for Christmas, so he’s pretty excited to get his first batch brewing. I’ll probably pick up some ingredients while I’m up there as well. Wish us luck!

And, be sure to check out Anthony’s music. He’s a good guy and has a lot of talent. Acoustic guitar + singing, so what’s not to like?

Have a great weekend!

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  1. That cake looks awesome, but I don’t know that I’d add any salt to the ganache. It’s possible to make a much simpler ganache with only the cream and chocolate (equal measurements – I tend to put a touch more chocolate to make it thicker). Or you can use a higher quality such as Callebaut, as the recipe suggests, but It’s a bit tougher to find, or at least it is around here. The syrup, I believe, is to help make the ganache shinier, so you can probably do without it’s extra added sweetness.

    On a photographic note, I think you should submit your photo to Epicurious, it’s looks a whole lot better then the one that’s there. :)

  2. DrooooooooooooooooooooooooooooLLL oh my god.
    that is heavenly.

  3. @Jay — thanks for the tips on the ganache. :)

  5. yuuumyyyyyy!

  6. David Shilham said


  7. It’s delicious!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Noreen Ohai said

    You should always add a dash of salt to any chocolate product – like hot cocoa or that luscious chocolate cake and the ganache. It brings out the flavor of the chocolate and enhances the nuances of the cocoa. I farm cocoa beans (trees).