Gustavus Adolphus

Gustavus Adolphus College was named after this guy—and he was the King of Sweden in the 1600s. This is one of the few non-Granlund sculptures on campus.

As a tradition at Gustavus, this sculpture gets dressed up throughout the year. It’s kinda fun to see him wearing a lei and Hawaiian shirt, or a cap and gown.

Taking this photo as the sun was setting was rather fun. It was a tricky shot to expose correctly because the sky directly behind the sculpture was a very bright orange, while Gustav’s face was entirely in a shadow. I hadn’t tried my hand at HDR in a while, but as I looked at this sculpture, trying to decide how to frame it, I realized that it would be perfect to take it in HDR. So, what you see here was created from sixteen separate exposures of the same scene—none of which are as perfectly exposed as the result is.

The photo of the day today is for my friend, Rudi, who flew for the first time. Have fun in Nashville!

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  1. Awesome photo, Joe.

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