BACD by Paul Granlund

BC AD is one of the sculptures on campus created by Paul Granlund. It sits, appropriately, in front of the library and is unique because it was designed to be able to be spun. A “tradition” on campus among students is to spin the sculpture before a big test or paper to see what grade you’ll get—like a Magic 8-Ball, except you never fail.

This photo is actually an outtake from a photo shoot I did for the cover of this month’s Gustavus Quarterly which should be coming out any day now. I much preferred this shot over the one on the cover, but since the article is about the Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library and this shot doesn’t feature that at all, they went with an alternate version. Makes sense.

Also, like the Linnaeus sculpture and the Gustavus sculpture, this is another HDR composed of multiple exposures of the same shot.

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  1. Congrats on the cover of the quarterly!

    I think the “tradition” is just what is said during tours for prospective students. I’ve never seen anyone actually do it.

  2. Thanks man. :) Yeah, I’ve never seen anybody do it either, but I have spun it and it was fun.