It’s tough to believe that I started Shifting Pixel two years ago. It has been pretty great so far.

And, keeping with tradition, I’m throwing a party.

Last year, I invited some of the photographers who had influenced me to guest post over here. Since it was so much fun to be able to showcase their work on my website, I figured, “hey, what the heck, let’s try this thing again.” Except this time there’s a new twist.

If you’ve been hanging out here since December, you probably know that I made it into the 9rules network. So, this year I’m excited to invite some of my fellow 9rules members to the party. Let me introduce them.

The Guest Photographers Are…

Dave Wild

Dave WildDave is a photographer from Nottinghamshire in the United Kingdom. He is married to a Nikon D50 but has move fun with the two mistresses that are a modified infrared Fuji Finepix S5600 and a Lomo Supersampler. He knows they’re cheap but he can’t resist them.

He was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2003 and decided to use mountain biking as a way to get fit. While out on the bike he enjoyed the countryside and decided to start taking photos. Since then the camera has been more of an addiction than the bike has and it has developed into something that now forms a large part of his life. In 2005 Dave started experimenting with digital infrared photography and that has also ballooned in to a major focus and after three years of using a normal digital camera for infrared shots, he recently purchased a camera that had been modified just for infrared use. That marks the start of another exciting period.

Nils Geylen

Nils GeylenNils is a 36-year old kid from Antwerp. Belgium. Europe. He currently lives off new media and the fresh fumes of city buses, which he takes each day on his commute to the small IT firm he recently started work.

Nils can’t choose between the page and the picture, so he foolhardily tries to combine the two. He blogs at NDNL, and tries posting a picture a day on Flickr. Writing came at an early age, but Nils discovered photography in college where his media classes taught him what a dark room really looks like on the inside. These days, like so many others, he simply dabbles in digital. Everywhere he goes, the surroundings present themselves like stills from a nouvelle-vague movie. He’s definitely not an artist, but when people like his shots, he tends to like the people. Easy does it, right?

Jeff Ngan

Jeff NganJeff is an amateur photographer who took up the camera as a better way to document his life. He currently spends his time updating his blog, practicing Tai Chi, and pondering the Tao.

Andrew Faulkner

Fadtastic logoAndrew Faulkner takes random photos but spends more time as the administrator at is a multi-author web design trends journal. The authors have a passion for web design and particularly web design trends—whether they be graphical, typographical or maybe standards-related. It’s all here, so why not stay a while?

A Few Additional Features

I also decided to add a couple of nice little features that you may have noticed if you’ve stopped by in the past few days.

  • I had been missing my Exif data (the exposure info that shows up below most of my photos now) ever since I moved from Pixelpost to WordPress, so I’m really happy to see that back in action.
  • If I typed in a description for a photo when I uploaded it, the description didn’t end up getting used anywhere on my site. Well, now it does. Now, occasionally there will be a little extra info for some photos.
  • Jeff wanted to do a series of photos so his post would be more like a photo essay. I was excited about this but hadn’t set things up to do it. Now I have. I think that it’s pretty cool and I hope you like it.
  • Although I don’t know if this is a “new feature” per se, it is new… I’ve been making some design tweaks here and there that add up to somewhat of a small refreshining for the site. I hope you like what I’ve done with the place (if you notice anything out of the ordinary, please let me know). I have some more ideas in store that I will implement whenever I get time, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Two Year Stats

Finally, WordPress is telling me that there are currently 345 posts and 907 comments on Shifting Pixel. Not too bad, eh?


  1. Hey, two years! Fantastic stuff Joe, congrats! Looking forward to a lot more.

  2. Thanks miles! Long time no see. :) How long have you been at this game?

  3. Congratulations. I’m looking forward to seeing what the other guys have done :)

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  6. Congrats on the two years :)

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  8. I’ve just popped over from NDNL and just wanted to say that I’m really enjoying your site and think the page layout is amazing. Keep up the good work.

  9. @Adem: Thanks for the kind words :) I’m glad you like my site and the page layout (I’m always tweaking and improving little things here and there). I hope you stick around.

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  12. Hey Joe, I started in July 2004 I think, so three years now :)

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