This was posted by guest photographer Jeff of Equivocality to celebrate the two-year birthday of Shifting Pixel. More information.

I can’t photograph ugly people. Call me shallow, but it’s the truth. I mean, sure, there’s inner beauty, but that doesn’t come out in a photo.

With the esthetically challenged, there’s no good angle. Okay, so you can use a telephoto lens for feature compression, you can use a certain perspective to de-emphasize unflattering features, but these techniques only go so far.

I liken it to a chef trying to cook a delicious meal with a bunch of ingredients he doesn’t himself enjoy eating. A photo, in it’s essence, is supposed to be visually pleasing.

And nothing beats a pretty face.

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  1. Thanks for letting me be a part, Joe! And happy anniversary!

  2. absolutely great series of portraits… outstanding job man!

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  5. johanna brown said

    wow, the picture in the top is amazing!!!!! I saw it in youtube
    and I just had to find the original picture because it just blew my mind..

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