The Lonely TreeKasota Prairie, Kasota, MN ƒ/7.1, 244 s, 100 ISO

It was great to get out and take some night shots–I honestly can’t remember the last full moon I went out for, which is a shame.

There is something that I find invigorating about taking night shots that’s difficult to put into words. I get out in nature, under the brightly-lit night sky, and everything just feels the way it’s supposed to. Things slow down, I get energized, and everything else fades away.

This was also actually the first time I went to the Kasota Prairie–one of my favorite spots for night shots–by myself. As it turns out, things get a little creepy out there without a partner…

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  1. I like how the bottom half looks dead, while the top half is alive. It also seems like the living half is the only part casting a shadow.

    There is something intriguing about the detail in the tree and grass. It makes me physically get up close to the picture and want to examine it, but then things get all pixelated. :)

  2. I like this picture. The centered tree and fish-eye really gives a sense of the scale of the landscape. And the clarity of the sky.

    I’ve really been into night shots lately also. Seems like they’re the only thing that motivates me to get out and do personal shooting. I have a great idea that I need to get out and do in the next week — if it stops raining. NE MN in Fall. :)

  3. NICE! You sure have got me going out tonight, weather permitting it.
    The slight movement of the stars adds so much dynamics to the shot. Amazing moon light too. It has a totally surreal quality to it. Looks awesome.

  5. @Robbie: If you like the detail in this one, you’ll probably like the detail in the next shot I’m posting. Stay tuned. :)

    @Bryan: I’ve heard that the trees are gorgeous in the Duluth area right now… things are just starting to change around here, which is really awesome–autumn (at least in MN) is my favorite time of year. Good luck with your project.

    @Peter: Cool man, I’m glad that I could inspire you to get out there. :) I’ll be looking forward to what you come up with.

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  7. hi :) absolutely amazing photo, i have a question …the globe shape of the there a name for that type of photograph?

    anyways, sorry if that question makes no sence at all..its quite hard to put in context lol.

  8. @Amorette: Thanks! Your question makes perfect sense. The effect is called barrel distortion and in this photo was produced from a fisheye lens.

  9. Hey! thank you very much :)

  10. This shot is sick! (good thing)