Cracked Ground ƒ/8.0, 345 s, 100 ISO

About maybe a mile or so walk from the entrance to the Kasota Prairie, I stumbled across this partly dried up pond.

It was quite a happy find for me because I have seen some really cool photos of cracked ground and was excited to be able to finally try my hand at it. I think this one turned out pretty well and nicely captures the peacefulness of the Kasota Prairie under the glowing white light of the full moon. I took a few other pictures here but they all more or less look the same, so I won’t bore you with them.

Unfortunately, due to the time-consuming nature of night shots (for this particular shot, the shutter was open for nearly six minutes!), this and The Lonely Tree are the only good ones I have from this round of night shooting. Hopefully it won’t be too cold here in Minnesota and I will be able to get out for the next full moon.


  1. That is truly lovely.

  2. Cool work man!