Night barn ƒ/6.3, 298 s, 100 ISO

Jerry and I went out, exploring the southern Minnesota countryside and looking for good nighttime subjects.

We drove for what seemed like a couple of hours and didn’t come across anything that really grabbed us. About to give up, we headed toward home. Suddenly, we drove past this barn and in an instant were out of the car with our photo gear pointed at the barn. Needless to say, we were quite excited about the structure.

We spent an hour or two at this site until Jerry finished his roll in his old school Yashica–he wanted to see how they turned out first thing the next morning and figured he would take the opportunity to experiment a bit with shutter speeds and apertures. He posted a few of the good ones.

Night barn ƒ/6.3, 301 s, 100 ISONight barn ƒ/6.3, 432 s, 100 ISONight barn ƒ/6.3, 232 s, 100 ISONight barn ƒ/6.3, 283 s, 100 ISO


  1. Your shots really bring out the best of the scene. It’s much better than being there!

  2. Thanks Jerry, but I don’t know if it was better than being there. I thought it was a fantastic site and a lot of fun. It was so calm that night it was unbelievable.

  3. great series! the second one is my personal favorite

    best wishes for 2008!

  5. Peter G Denmark said


    I’m really impressed with your night time photos (and all your other photos are great too :) ). How do you avoid noise in the pictures?
    Do you remove it in post or are you using in camera noise reduction?

    I’m having no luck with long night time exposures (longer than 60 sec.) on my Canon 5D (mark I). They are sharp, but the noise pollution is killing me.

    Btw. Your pictures are a great inspiration.

  6. Shooting at a low ISO in RAW format might help if you aren’t already. Also Lightroom removes noise in post. I think there are other programs available to remove noise as well, like Noise Ninja.