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Most people like to look at pictures. It’s a fact, and I bet you are one of those people.

  • Salt Storage Stalls
  • Rainbow
  • linnea-wren
  • scott-bur-1
  • Minimalism 17
  • A Coffee Bean 1
  • Jerry Nowell
  • Night barn
  • Cute Kid
  • Cracked Ground
  • The Lonely Tree
  • Climbing to the Top
  • Titan Arum (Corpse Flower)
  • Flower Petals
  • Cappuccino
  • Gustavus Adolphus
  • Window Frost II
  • Tongue
  • Ruth Johnson
  • Grey nurse shark
  • Church window
  • Sufjan Stevens Playing Banjo
  • rock-tree
  • Andrew Winter
  • At the flea market
  • Ceiling, light fixture
  • Star door handle
  • Unicycle 4
  • Train car
  • untitled
  • Swanson Tennis Center 1
  • Glass globe, wall
  • The Gustavus Choir
  • Cabinets two and three
  • Bosc pear 5
  • the night after the first snowfall
  • Air conditioner unit
  • two eight nine
  • corn field at night
  • olin-hall-diptych
  • Gazebo
  • Corporate America: Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • chairs 5
  • chairs 3
  • Destroyed Wahlstrom Hall 2
  • busted-up-truck
  • Basement 1
  • Lights 1
  • Christ Door

Whether they are in magazines, on the internet, or in photo albums, photos connect you to a story or a place in a more fundamental way than words alone. Sometimes, the right photos can bring you to new worlds that you never dreamed of. And then, the images start to fill your dreams.

So what is this place, anyway?

Shifting Pixel is a stunning milieu of photographic experiences and techniques as presented by artist Joe Lencioni. Ranging from raw to refined, whimsical to thought-provoking, Shifting Pixel highlights the best of both subject and photographer.

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