Go get Greased Lightbox v0.18.

Make sure to uninstall any old versions.

Change log

  • Updated Wikipedia regular expressions
  • Improved Image Socket support
  • Removed Facebook support
  • Improved ImageFap support
  • Fixed bug involving race conditions

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  1. why remove facebook support ?

    good stuff tho but I dont think I ‘ll upgrade yet.

  2. @dapxin: I removed Facebook support because they have added some pretty decent image viewing features. For instance, if you go to a photo in an album, you can use your arrow keys to quickly scroll through the rest of the album. Since it is all done on their site with AJAX, you not only get the photo, you also get the comments, which is nice. It also allows you to browse a multi-page album this way.

    If, however, you would like to add Facebook support back in, I just commented it out. You can add it back in by removing line 187 and 196.

  3. Great stuff. I have a suggestion:

    Some images, particularly PNGs, often have transparent backgrounds and the actual image is mostly black (e.g. images of molecules on wikipedia). It would be very handy if you could add a little toggler discreetly in the corner to swap the background to white so that it can be seen. Not necessarily of the whole box, just the image’s BG:

    img {background:#fff}

  5. @James: That’s a great point–I hadn’t even considered that. I wonder how difficult it would be to actually change the background color on the fly based on the contents of the image. I wonder if that would be too distracting or resource intensive.

    I just read an article about generating histograms using JavaScript. Perhaps some of that could tie in here.

  6. It would be fine for me if, for example, there were a simple little white box (say, 10px square) in the bottom right corner that could just be clicked if a white background is needed. It would then change to black, so that the reverse can be done.

    But, if you want to go the histogram route and do it automatically… it’s nice to be able to use . It could be overkill though!

  7. It actually sounds like a fun challenge. If only time weren’t an issue.

  8. Hi! So far I’m really loving Greased Lightbox, but I was wondering if there was a way to disable the semi-tranparent background and just go with a solid black? I like to visit pages (avatar sites and the like) where there’s always just so much background noise from the animated gifs and such they prove to be a distraction.

    I glanced through the js but I’m just not familiar enough with this to find something as straight forward as “change this to #000 if you want a black background.”

    Any easy way to geterdun? ;)

  9. To Collin above: replace background-image: ' + pngOverlay + '; background-repeat: repeat; with background:#000;

    Joe, there’s a bug with Wikipedia. Any page that includes Coordinates info in the top right causes it. If you click an image and the lightbox appears, after it is dismissed, there’s a “dead” area in the top right of the page. This is due to an empty DIV being triggered open. It has something to do with displaying a map, which you can see if you click the little globe icon next to “Coordinates”. Example page. Probably a simple naming conflict (hopefully anyway).

  10. I would like to see a vBulletin feature :)


  11. please test this with safari 4. this is the coolest extension but freezes up safari with the spinning rainbow ball. also if you click an image, then exit, then click that same image again before clicking on another one, that image will just show the loading screen and not load. I found a script on userscripts.org labeled v0.17 that did not have this problem, however it also froze up safari on pages with many google images.

  12. By any chance can you get this working with autopager?

  13. hi, just to let you know:
    if (!window.opera) { // for some reason this pre-fetching breaks lightbox in opera
    I am using opera 9.64 build 10487 and it works fine for me!
    thx for the amazing script :)

  14. Hi, wanted to let you know, I’m using greased lightbox on safari 4 on mac os x. Scrolling with arrow keys doesn’t work but on the same computer, with firefox, it works perfectly.

  15. still hoping you’ll implement a keyboard shortcut (perhaps ‘V’) to “view image in its original context”, so we don’t have to move to the mouse to click the link.

  16. +1 to the above. That will be very very uuser-friendly.

  17. +1 to this. I actually just got done using Instruments (part of Xcode) to track down the reason behind my Safari 4 lockups, and it turned out to be Greased Lightbox – which sucks, because it was the main reason I bothered to install GreaseKit. Anyway, to give an idea of the magnitude, I’m seeing 45 second lockups on about 60% of my page loads. On my unibody MacBook Pro. :(

    Still, thanks for your work on Greased Lightbox.

  18. Are you working on a version that doesn’t lock up Safari 4 and works with keyboard shortcuts? There also is a glitch that if you click on an image, then exit and click on that same one again before clicking any other, it will just load forever.

  19. Very good script that I already use with Opera, now that Bing.com its out, can you add support for Bing image search, pls sorry for my english and keep that good work :)

  20. I installed Greased Lightbox v0.18 and whenever I use Lightbox, I still get the link at the upper left hand corner stating “Greased Lightbox – Update available (v0.18)”

    I followed the instructions on the main page, though it did say uninstall any older versions of Greased Lightbox, but when I open my Add-on’s there isn’t a Greased Lightbox version anywhere to be found in my add-on list. Where would I look to remove any older version of the script?

    I am using Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0; en-US; rv: Gecko/20090824 Firefox/3.5.3 (.NET CLR 3.5.30729)

    Many thanks in advance!

  21. Hi there,

    Your script is quite wonderful, but I have one improvement I’d like to see; don’t turn off the script on right clicks! It makes trying to copy an image from Google’s search results or trying to even copy the link location impossible and makes me keep wanting to turn GL off! If you could change that, that would be awesome.


  22. If you don’t support IE, then why is this coded thus… verbosely? You could kick out all the js-positioning-ordeal and just use css fixed positioning.

    And if it wasn’t for Firefox you could use a nice SVG image as load icon (Ff doesn’t support SVG-animation for JS-generated SVGs yet – you’d have to animate it with JS, too) instead of that ugly GIF.

    I actually did all that for my own Opera version. Looks and works great. Nonetheless good work thus far. ;)

  23. Hi,

    For some reason the left and right arrow keys don’t seem to be working in Webkit, I also wanted to suggest that n and p have the same function.

    I’d also be happy to beta test, I joined your google group but it looks pretty inactive?

    PS Thanks for finally making Flickr usable! :D


  24. After new update of Opera to 10.53, this is not work in Deviantart but it works in other websites.Could you please check it

  25. Is it possible for Greased Lightbox or similar product to display (2) images superimposed upon one another (in the same place).

    Image 1: ‘transparent gif’ (top image)
    Image 2: ‘jpg’ -bottom image-