the night after the first snowfall ƒ/4.0, 30 s, 100 ISO

You are looking at the night after the first snowfall of the season. The sky was ridiculously clear and the moon was wonderfully bright. Unfortunately, there were no clouds though, which always add a nice touch of drama on the long exposures required for night photography. Fortunately, because it wass so bright, I didn’t have to do any shots that were longer than 30 seconds.

It was so so so cold last night, but I just had to get out there because of the full moon. Seriously, it was so cold that I could only get off 11 night shots before my battery died. I think it froze up and just decided that it was done. In all reality I was pretty well prepared so I wasn’t too cold—€”except for my toes. At first I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea or not when I trudged through some fields and huge snow drifts with only my tennis shoes. But, I think it was worth it because I got some sweet shots that I will be posting over the next few days. Hopefully if the weather is right, I will find some more time tomorrow night to go galavanting across the countryside, scoping out sweet photos. Except next time I will wear my winter boots.

I just wish my camera had a GPS unit on it and recorded GPS data straight into the EXIF data on the photo. That would be cool.

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  1. Gorgeous shot! Love the extremely wide angle and the sky looks incredible.. Nicely captured.

  2. Fantastic crispness in the photo. Amazing the amount of light – short enough exposure to get zero wabble in the stars. Cool stuff. Hey, was it cold when you were out? ;)

  3. This picture is fantastic! I’m a fan of that moonlight

  5. Thats a lovely hue..

  6. That orange color on the horizon is really interesting. What does that come from?

  7. Thanks everybody for the comments.

    Jarrett: The orange is, I believe, mostly artificial light from the farm in the distance and the city.

  8. Especially with the distortion from the lens, it looks like the cloud of orange is pouring downhill towards the house, about to engulf it.

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