The Gustavus Choir ƒ/4.5, 1 s, 100 ISO

The Gustavus Choir is the top choral ensemble at Gustavus and is directed by Gregory J. Aune.

[Members of the Gustavus Choir] share a belief in the power of music to elevate the human spirit and enhance the spiritual and aesthetic core in both listener and performer.

I think this photo turned out extraordinarily well. I’m very happy with it. I was surprised, too, because I almost worked on another one instead but at the last minute chose this one.

You may have noticed that I did a little restyling around the site. I didn’t really have a good reason to, other than I was up for a change. Let me know your thoughts.

Photo of the day – This guy’s facial expression defies common definition.


  1. I have been checking out your site and you have some wonderful work. I will be back again. Love the color and texture and shallow DoF in this image . p.s. My brother-in-law went to Gustavus and I went to St. Olaf. Big rivals… ; -)

  2. Beautiful shot. I like the perspective, the DOF, and the color tone.

  3. I like this shot….it has a very old feel to it..

  5. I spent 3 years lugging those around… very nostalgic.

    I don’t know much about photography but I’m very impressed how you took something so bland and ugly, and turned it into something I’d put on my wall! Well, maybe computer desktop. Heh.

    Thank you for this moment.