chairs 5 by Joe Lencioni

by Joe Lencioni
chairs 5 ƒ/22.0, 19 s, 100 ISO

The fifth in the series. I would say that this is probably the pinnacle of the chairs photos that I took. It incorporates all of the same elements of the previous photo with the addition of the tiny red chair. It is one of those little plastic chairs that kids can get for play time or whatever. I like the reflection in the television screen.

LASIK update: The surgery went perfectly and I have a postoperative checkup tomorrow in the Twin Cities again. Man, that was quite the experience having them do surgery on my eyes. I was supposed to take a 2-3 hour nap afterwards because of the discomfort, and I woke up after about 2 hours… I could hardly open my eyes because it felt like I was sitting at a campfire and smoke was constantly going in them. But that is all over now and I just have to put in a ton of drops and wear some plastic shields. And honestly, I can see. And it is awesome.

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  1. This is gorgeous! great colors, an effective perspective, interesting subject… this is the best of this series.

  2. Fantastic photo.
    I’m visiting your archives, you have some great stuff there..

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