Jerry Nowell ƒ/18.0, 1/200 s, 100 ISO

My friend and co-worker, Jerry Nowell.

He needed a photo for some work related things and I thought we may as well have a little fun while we were at it. I took this with the fisheye lens in the server room at Gustavus right in front of a rack that has a bunch of crazy cables coming out everywhere.

Overall I’m very happy with this shot–although I would have liked to have done it a bit differently. Unfortunately, we were in a very tight location so I forced to use such a wide lens and couldn’t get my lights quite where I would have liked them to be.

This shot was lit with two strobes, one on the right, directly aimed at Jerry’s face and the cables, and the other on the left, bounced into a silver umbrella.


  1. I am a handsome man!

  2. I thought it was Andy Bell from Erasure standing in front big modular analogue synth

  3. @M Weird! I can definitely see the resemblance.

  5. bien ta jungle ?