Shifting Pixel is a stunning milieu of photographic experiences and techniques as presented by artist Joe Lencioni.
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Must See

Grey nurse shark The Gustavus Choir rock-tree Ruth Johnson chairs 3 two eight nine Destroyed Wahlstrom Hall 2 Andrew Winter Jerry Nowell Basement 1 A Coffee Bean 1 At the flea market Swanson Tennis Center 1 Tongue Window Frost II Corporate America: Kentucky Fried Chicken Train car busted-up-truck scott-bur-1 Cracked Ground Flower Petals

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Bee FarmBee Farm by Joe Lencioni

November 21st

Church windowChurch Window by Joe Lencioni

November 19th

Church TowerChurch Tower by Joe Lencioni

November 16th

Church SilhouetteChurch Silhouette by Joe Lencioni

November 15th

casey-foubertCasey Foubert by Joe Lencioni

November 7th