Shifting Pixel is a stunning milieu of photographic experiences and techniques as presented by artist Joe Lencioni.
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Must See

Air conditioner unit Swanson Tennis Center 1 Night barn Gazebo chairs 5 scott-bur-1 the night after the first snowfall Cappuccino Unicycle 4 Christ Door Rainbow The Lonely Tree two eight nine Ceiling, light fixture Ruth Johnson rock-tree Cute Kid The Gustavus Choir Glass globe, wall corn field at night busted-up-truck

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Minimalism 10Minimalism 10 by Joe Lencioni

March 29th

Minimalism 9Minimalism 9 by Joe Lencioni

March 24th

Minimalism 8Minimalism 8 by Joe Lencioni

March 23rd

Minimalism 7Minimalism 7 by Joe Lencioni

March 20th

Minimalism 6Minimalism 6 by Joe Lencioni

March 15th

Minimalism 5Minimalism 5 by Joe Lencioni

March 11th

Minimalism 4Minimalism 4 by Joe Lencioni

March 3rd

Minimalism 3Minimalism 3 by Joe Lencioni

February 29th

Minimalism 2Minimalism 2 by Joe Lencioni

February 27th

Minimalism 1Minimalism 1 by Joe Lencioni

February 26th

A Coffee Bean 3A Coffee Bean 3 by Joe Lencioni

February 25th