Greased Lightbox could not be possible without its contributors. Thanks to everybody who has contributed to my project!

  • Greased Lightbox is based on Lightbox JS by Lokesh Dhakar and Flickrbox by Gavin Montague
  • Loading image by Sean McBride
  • Data encoding by URI kitchen
  • GreaseKit support by Gavin Montague and KATO Kazuyoshi
  • Lightbulb icons by Mark James
  • Timed slideshow by fearphage
  • Extra thanks to Justin Delegard, Sami Haahtinen, Matt Parrett, Alex Nicksay, Christian Neubauer, eXtreme, Britt Torrance, Jason Sundram, Drew Burden, Nick Wisniewski, Stoen, CereS, Vurlix, Hamilton Cline, and Hiroshi MURASHITA


  • Spanish translation by Martín Melado
  • French translation by MorphX and François
  • Japanese translation by KATO Kazuyoshi
  • Dutch translation by Lode Claassen
  • Hungarian translation by Lőrincz Attila
  • Finnish translation by Sami Haahtinen
  • Italian translation by millenomi
  • Traditional Chinese translation by Arphen Lin
  • German translation by Alex Brem
  • Polish translation by s3kvir pascon
  • Czech translation by Arteal
  • Slovak translation by Ezimír Totislav
  • Swedish by Magnus Claesson
  • Portuguese by Harlley Roberto


  • Keith Hale
  • Tim Berry
  • Henrik Husted Jensen
  • Dale Mulcahy
  • Artis Trops
  • Susan Hille

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If you are feeling generous, your donation will be greatly appreciated and will help support the future development of Greased Lightbox.