Climbing to the Top ƒ/13.0, 1/200 s, 800 ISO

Sam and I went out to pick up apples off the lawn last night. About half way through the project, I noticed a few spots on the ground that had lots of ants running around like crazy.

It was really kinda cool to watch all of those ants running around for no apparent reason. Some of them were really small while some were about the size of flies and had wings. The smaller ones moved a lot slower, so they were easier to capture with my camera.

This particular ant had decided to climb up to the top of the stem of a fallen leaf, where he was sitting when I took this photo.

Later, Sam and I made some really tasty applesauce.


  1. I love this photograph!

  2. Thanks PF!

  3. Hey, I have a friend who is also a client and he owns a pest control business… I’m going to try convince him to buy the image to use in a flyer. Creepy and beautiful. Great composition also.

  5. Best photo ever. The colors are astonishing. This definitely puts you on the “elite photod00d” list that I keep safely in the back of my brain.

  6. What you have here, other than an absolutely awesome photo, is what I believe to be a kind of rare form of and known as yellow meadow ant. According to what I’ve read, you just captured a seldom-seen species. Very cool.

  7. @Andrew: thanks a ton for the link! It certainly does look similar.

    Although, I’m not completely convinced yet that these were yellow meadow ants because there were a lot of other ones that were much larger than these small guys and also had wings. I assumed they were males and females, but I suppose they could be the queens that the article mentioned… But there were a lot of them that makes it seem that they wouldn’t be queen ants.

    I’ll post one of the shots with the larger winged creatures soon.

  8. It could also be a Citronella Ant or “Larger Yellow Ant.” I’m not entirely convinced as the information about them seems to vary substantially.

  9. Beautiful photo. That ant scares me though.

  10. This is so cool! I can’t wait to see the other ones.